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Product usability testing is critical for developers to gauge if a product will meet user expectations. Fortunately, MERC’s cost-effective usability testing capabilities can help remove flaws in a product and gather important user feedback before major production and release.

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MERC proudly offers product usability testing to any type of business. This service can accelerate the pre-production process and save your business money.

Benefits of MERC’s Product Usability Testing Service

When a business needs a product tested, it can be a very expensive task to complete. Because MERC is a non-profit, we can conduct product usability testing at a decreased cost. Additionally, we use our computer simulation technology to test your new product instead of using costly material. After the product is tested, we can make changes if necessary.

For example, we have conducted safety tests for school buses via computer simulations. Instead of testing the new safety product by crashing actual school buses in a laboratory, we were able to see and gather data to examine how well the safety product would perform in many different crash scenarios.

Our team members are passionate about helping you develop your product, ensure it works properly, and move it toward production. Additionally, we adhere to state and federal rules concerning product safety. Our product usability testing service can help us determine what safety changes need to be made, if any.

Small Business Programs

We participate in two federally funded programs – the Small Business Innovation Research program and the Small Business Technology Transfer program. These incredible programs support research and technological developments. MERC proudly serves as a force multiplier – giving you the power and push you need to take your product to the market!

MERC wants to help your business succeed. Through our product usability testing service, we can decrease cost and save your business precious time. Do you have questions? Contact us today.