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Individual Aircraft Tracking Programs

MERC provides application development and support services for the C-130 System Program Office’s Automated Inspection, Repair, Corrosion, and Aircraft Tracking (AIRCAT) system. AIRCAT is the Individual Aircraft Tracking Program (IATP) of record for the C-130 as mandated by the USAF Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP). This effort includes the development and maintenance of an extensive Oracle database and a wide variety of both client/server and web-based applications to provide data entry, reporting, and analysis.

In 2002, MERC performed investigations on the existing data collection and analysis applications employed by the USAF. MERC conducted an extensive engineering analysis to identify and correct a number of data processing and reporting issues to ensure customer confidence in the system output. The results of this effort have enabled the C-130 ASIP manager to confidently make several important decisions regarding the safety and reliability of the current aircraft fleet. MERC has since implemented numerous system enhancements, responded to customer change requests, and enhanced the overall reliability and supportability of the system.

MERC has significantly enhanced the maintainability of the AIRCAT system by converting most of the client/server applications to web-based applications using ASP.NET technologies and smart client architectures. MERC also developed several forecasting and prognostic tools, implemented a methodology for user reporting in a deployed status when network connectivity is intermittent or unavailable, and updated the management and administrative tools within the system.

Currently, MERC is providing user support to process customer change requests, enhancing the overall user experience, providing better reporting capability, and has incorporated additional data types to extend the application functionality. These changes support a more complete picture of aircraft condition and usage. MERC also continues to leverage our combination of software engineering and aircraft structural engineering expertise to ensure the best possible product for the customer.

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