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Defense & Security

Wide-Ranging Defense Engineering Capabilities

We provide full-spectrum lifecycle support to a diverse set of needs for the United States Department of Defense (DoD). The Mercer Engineering Research Center is capable of serving a broad number of engineering needs for DoD and Homeland Security, from structural and electrical engineering to ergonomic and biomechanics research.

We have experience working with all branches of the United States military and contribute to a broad range of projects including aerospace, structural, electrical, and software engineering.

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Defense Engineering is Our Foundation

When MERC was established in 1987, our primary goals were to support the United States Air Force and DoD. Our commitment to serving defense customers is evident even by our location, only five miles from Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia. For 30 years, our engineering staff has provided knowledgeable and efficient service to our defense and national security customers. We connect real-world experience with the defense systems we strive to improve and create. Many of our engineers on staff have worked in civil service before joining our team, giving them vital hands-on experience with the equipment and systems used by DoD customers.

Past Projects

Some previous projects for defense clients required our electronics, structural, aerospace, and software engineering services, including:

  • AC-130W 105mm Flight Testing and Analysis
  • C-130 Center-Wing Section Fatigue Test
  • C-130 RBF Tooling
  • F-15 Avionics Bus Controller
  • F-15 Fuel Cell Ergonomic Intervention
  • Gunship Blast Over Pressure
  • MH-53 Flight Engineer Seat Modification
  • Targeting Pod Circuit Card Shock Loading Evaluation