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3D Printing & Rapid Manufacturing

3D Printing

MERC owns a Stratasys Dimension 1200es 3D Printer which can print parts using ABS thermoplastic, up to 10” x 10” x 12” in size. MERC utilizes 3D printing to provide low-cost, rapid validation of design concepts.

The use of a rapid prototyping machine allows customers to visualize, inspect, and in some cases, test-fit a plastic version of components without the costly investment of large quantities of raw materials or machine tooling. Scaled models for larger components and assemblies provide proof-of-concept while full-size prototypes allow for form, fit, and function checks.

Rapid Manufacturing

MERC’s prototyping facility is well-suited for fabrication of short production runs for components which are needed in a hurry. When MERC projects require parts for design validation or initial installations, our prototype shop is called upon to fabricate the necessary parts using production drawings.

With three mills, including a 4-axis CNC mill, a CNC lathe, sheet metal fabrication equipment, and areas for painting and welding, MERC’s prototype shop is available to support your needs for limited production items. MERC’s 3D printing capabilities can also be used to support mold fabrication for fiberglass parts.

MERC can create kits for retrofit parts for aircraft installation, store them, and ship on demand, such that installers receive all of the items necessary to perform a repair action.

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