MERC Facilities and Equipment

Mercer Engineering Research Center (MERC) is located in a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. Our multi-skilled teams multiply their effectiveness through the use of a modern 113,000 sq. ft. facility with offices, conference rooms, and labs linked by an advanced network hosting a comprehensive set of aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and software development tools for design, modeling, and analysis.

Included are two data visualization labs where working groups of up to 20 people can simultaneously view, compare, analyze, brainstorm, and discuss up to 40 complex data displays. The facility is linked to the outside world with multiple high-capacity access nodes to the internet. For prototype machining, fabrication, and evaluation, MERC has a comprehensive mechanical machine shop and test and evaluation capability (vibration table, environmental chamber, 265 KIP MTS machine, etc).

The Machine Fabrication Shop

Our well-equipped, high-bay shop fabricates all of our mechanical parts for machine design and prototyping. Our machinists are highly-skilled craftsmen who can generate the right part to fit your exact design requirements.

Electronic Fabrication Lab

MERC’s electrical, avionics, automated test, and electronic engineering is supported by a well-equipped electronics laboratory. Our laboratory enables the rapid prototyping of electronic circuits and facilitates in-house electrical testing, as well as partial EMI/EMC screening of our designs. We maintain an inventory of commonly used electronic components, as well as a rapid cable fabrication facility. MERC recently was honored with a letter of appreciation from SMXG at WR-ALC for our rapid cable building responsiveness. Our construction of unique automated testers is supported by over 500 square feet of assembly space.

The Auditoriuma large room set up as a classroom or auditorium with desks and chairs pointing towards a podium and projector screen

Our multi-purpose, 125-seat auditorium was designed and built with our Robins Air Force Base customers in mind. We provide access to one of the best conference facilities available in Warner Robins. If you are looking for a venue for your next government meeting, call us to check availability.

Materials Testing Lab

We rigorously test all of our solutions to prove they are a viable option. In our materials testing lab, we have the capability to expose materials to environmental factors like extreme temperatures, water contact, and corrosive solutions. These tests ensure that the solution we give to our customers has been tested vigorously enough to withstand the environmental challenges it may be subjected to during use.

Data Visualization Lab

MERC uses unique data visualization tools and techniques to enhance collaboration between our engineers and our customers, improving the data analysis process.

Structural Test Lab

To simulate the stresses that materials are subjected to, we use our Load Frame. We have multiple stations to accommodate the varying size of test samples, but this is our largest. This machine is capable of exerting up to 265,000 pounds of force on test samples up to 15 feet in length. The size and power of this machine allows us to create stress models that predict how large pieces of a given material or structure will react under extreme stresses.