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Energy Engineering Focused on Boosting Efficiency

The energy engineering team at MERC creates strategic energy plans and secures energy networks for a wide range of clients. MERC supports our Department of Defense customers by meeting the goals of the LSE 2040, a government policy that details the vision to elevate and promote energy awareness and conservation. Our work with both the Department of Defense and the private sector centers around energy resiliency and reliability. We support our clients by installing and monitoring systems for a variety of energy streams, including:

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Potable water
  • Steam

We create and execute big-picture energy strategies, such as advising military response in the event of a long-term energy outage. We also focus on the smaller, but just as critical, aspects of energy management, such as submetering. In addition, our energy engineering team can secure critical energy infrastructure and implement solutions to prevent cyber attacks.

For more information on our energy engineering capabilities, contact us today.

Energy Engineering Expertise

Our energy engineering team of Certified Energy Managers (CEM)  are also Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP). We are experienced in protecting energy systems from cyber threats and discovering efficient energy usage solutions. We install hardware on a variety of areas to monitor energy systems and collect data. These large amounts of data are presented to you in a custom fashion, allowing you to implement strategies to reach efficiency goals.

Our Experience

At MERC, our energy engineering team has worked with Robins Air Force Base, Tinker Air Force Base, and Hill Air Force Base, as well as FCAC, to develop new policies for energy security solutions.

For private, commercial clients, we perform the same high-level service as to our government customers. We perform energy audits to view your energy consumption profiles, energy use, cycle use, and balance to create a long-term strategy designed to boost efficiency and resiliency.