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Custom software tools and systems help customers solve everyday problems. MERC has established close relationships with its customers to focus on their specific needs rather than the general needs of larger commercial markets.

MERC is able to leverage a broad experience base when forming its systems engineering and software development teams. Experts from other engineering disciplines participate on the development team to provide problem domain expertise when applicable.

Many solutions incorporate 3D graphical applications, data mining, data visualization, or legacy system integration methods. Solutions are developed using Agile software development methodologies and SEI certified CMMI Level 3 software engineering processes.

Software Engineering Programs

  • Airworthiness Management System
  • C-130 Automated Inspection, Repair, Corrosion, and Aircraft Tracking (AIRCAT )
  • Configuration Tool
  • FMS C-130 Automated Inspection, Repair, Corrosion, and Aircraft Tracking (AIRCAT International)
  • Inspection, Corrosion, and Repair Reporting (ICARR-3D)
  • Multi-Platform Aging Fleet Integrity and Reliability Management (AFIRM-M)
  • Multi-Platform Enterprise Reliability Centered Maintenance System (MERCMS)
  • Scheduled Maintenance Requirements (SMR) Management System
  • Stress Tool
  • System Safety Management System
  • UH-1N MSG-3 Analysis Toolset

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Custom Software Development

MERC provides custom software tools and systems that focus on solving the problems our customers face on a daily basis. Establishing close working relationships with our customers allows us to focus our solutions on their specific needs rather than on the more general needs of the larger commercial market.

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AI / Machine Learning

MERC utilizes both deep learning and traditional AI techniques to train models for a variety of classification, regression, and clustering problems. MERC recognizes that different problems in big data each require unique solutions tailor-made for that specific problem, and our engineers are equipped with a diverse set of algorithms to find the solution.

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Automated Workflow

MERC has developed a custom, web-based workflow tracking system to automate the C-130 TO-00-25-107 technical/maintenance assistance request process. The application provides role-based access to the workflow process and includes the ability to view process flow metrics.

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Assembly Code Integrated Development

In support of the Electronic Warfare Group at Robins Air Force Base, MERC has developed an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for use in maintaining and modifying the assembly-level source code for several Electronic Warfare systems.

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