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Automated Workflow

MERC has developed a custom, web-based workflow tracking system to automate the C-130 TO-00-25-107 technical/maintenance assistance request process. The application provides role-based access to the workflow process and includes the ability to escalate requests, view process flow metrics, and subscribe to tracking updates for requested packages of interest.

The system provides management insight into the overall workflow process, reports system bottlenecks and delays, and allows for alternate flows to reduce or eliminate bottlenecks or to overcome temporary changes to a workflow. The workflow tracking system utilizes an Oracle database back-end and Microsoft .NET technology to provide the user interface.

The system was developed for the Air Force C-130 aircraft fleet but was designed with an open architecture that will allow for the inclusion of additional aircraft, vehicles, or other assets and will accommodate multiple alternate workflows. Since its introduction, the system has been expanded to include not only C-130s but many USAF rotary wing aircraft as well.

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