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Vocational Rehabilitation

The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Division is tasked with helping individuals with disabilities achieve and maintain gainful employment. MERC ergonomists played a key role in helping VR rehabilitate hundreds of individuals over 10 years of contracting with the agency.

MERC ergonomists are biomedical engineers with many years of experience in physical and cognitive rehabilitation. Their knowledge of biomechanics, cognitive processes, learning theory, and physiology allowed them to work seamlessly with a variety of rehabilitation professionals and individuals with disabilities to evaluate needs and develop accommodations for education and work.

They have redesigned homes and businesses for accessibility, specified off-the-shelf equipment for accommodation, and designed and fabricated accommodations when needed for independent functions at work, school, and home. Their expertise in rehabilitation processes allowed them to help VR counselors develop rehabilitation plans for individuals that had quantifiable objectives and realistic outcomes.

This same expertise continues to benefit students who have disabilities throughout schools in Middle Georgia. MERC ergonomists are called on by various school systems to evaluate students with disabilities who have the most intractable learning difficulties.

MERC has assisted many school systems to develop and improve their assistive technology programs, train their special education staff in techniques for differentiating and accommodating instruction to meet special needs, and perform studies to identify the characteristics of teaching processes, technologies, and environments that best support students with a wide variety of learning needs.

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