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Cost-Saving Transportation Engineering Services

Mercer Engineering Research Center (MERC) is equipped to serve the evolving needs of the transportation industry. Our team of engineers works to ensure new products and developments from the transportation sector meet or exceed ever-changing government regulations. We are experienced working with the automotive, aerospace, and space industries in every phase of your product development including:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Simulation
  • Testing

For more information on our transportation engineering services, contact our team.

We can meet your transportation engineering needs by working on individual pieces of a project or by leading the way throughout each phase. MERC understands that product testing can be an expensive and highly-involved task. Testing brings a number of costs including facilities, personnel, and meeting oversight requirements. Before you test your transportation product, simulations are an excellent way to save money and ensure you are testing the best version of your product. Our simulation engineer team provides you with the validation and verification of your design at a reduced cost.

MERC Service Advantages

We have distinct advantages to serve the transportation sector, including cutting-edge equipment, versatile facilities, and experienced personnel. Our wide-ranging capabilities allow us to do heavy engineering projects on the local level. MERC can do many of the same engineering services of the transportation Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), but we provide a local, affordable, and responsive service experience. Throughout your entire project, you will have a clear point-of-contact and receive regular status updates. Plus, as a non-profit, we provide our clients with the full rights for the products we develop.

Transportation Engineering Experience

We have experience working on a number of transportation engineering projects, including:

  • Aerospace fixture assessments
  • Blue Bird bus safety simulations
  • Commercial aircraft testing and analysis
  • Fire truck rollover simulations
  • Generation Orbit’s satellite engine development
  • NASA Wallops Flight Facility