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MERC engineers provide a broad range of analytical capabilities that provide timely, cost-effective, and practical solutions to our customers’ needs. The staff has extensive test and analysis experience, and our credentials include undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees up to and including the doctorate level.

Our finite element modeling capabilities include meshing/preprocessing with tools such as FEMAP and HyperMesh, and importing geometry from a variety of CAD and solid modeling platforms like SolidWorks, Catia, and AutoCAD.

Linear and non-linear solutions to static and dynamic problems are found using NASTRAN, LS/DYNA, ABAQUS, and Stress Check solvers.

When special post-processing capabilities are required, our staff is highly proficient at creating unique applications with advanced engineering tools like MATLAB, PERL, and FORTRAN. Our engineers provide durability and damage tolerance analysis and are proficient with spectra generation codes and with beta factor/crack growth codes like FRANC2D, FRANC3D, and AFGROW.

Our engineers support Aircraft Structural Integrity Programs, including Aircraft Structural Integrity Programs (ASIP), Mechanical Structural Integrity Programs (MECSIP), Avionics Integrity Programs (AVIP), and related tasks for a range of fixed and rotary wing platforms including C-130, C-17, C-5, F-15, H-1, CV-22, and HH-60G aircraft. MERC also supports NAVAIR platforms such as C-130, MH60S, and P-8 aircraft.

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Damage Tolerance Analysis, Stress Tool and Structural Testing

MERC has experience developing models to perform damage tolerance analyses and structural testing on a variety of aircraft to create cost savings for customers.

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Aircraft Modification Support

MERC’s logisticians and maintenance experts have extensive experience and knowledge of aircraft structures, weapon systems, and test and support equipment.

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Finite Element Analysis

MERC is a nationally recognized center of excellence in finite element analysis of military aircraft with extensive experience in static, modal, transient, and non-linear methods. This experience spans multiple military platforms such as military cargo aircraft, fighter jets, and multiple rotary-wing aircraft.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

MERC’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis is used to estimate pressure distribution and drag, evaluate external modifications and placements, and derive aerodynamic loading for use in structural analysis.

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