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Diverse Manufacturing Engineering Capabilities

At MERC, our dedicated manufacturing engineering teams serve a wide range of industry needs including:

  • Developing custom tooling solutions
  • Performing predictive maintenance
  • Performing workflow simulations and analysis

Custom Tooling Solutions

Our Mechanical Engineering product area performs rapid prototyping services, using specialized equipment to create unique manufacturing components efficiently. Our Stratasys Dimension 1200es 3D printer enables us to print parts quickly and cheaply, allowing us to test-fit plastic versions of necessary fixtures without investing in machine tooling and other raw materials.

Predictive Maintenance

Our Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) team monitors and inspects manufacturing components, performing predictive maintenance to ensure your equipment operates efficiently. The RCM team uses a variety of strategies to optimize the maintenance process. This includes vibration analysis of manufacturing machines to monitor changes of vibration that could indicate a need for preventative maintenance.

Workflow Simulations

Through our biomechanical and industrial engineering services, we can improve the efficiency of your product and strengthen the safety of your team. We perform in-depth computer simulations and tests of various workstations to manage product flow and improve output efficiency. The studies can provide evidence for proper tooling and staff placement and ensure your warehouse is stocked at an optimal level. Our biomedical team also analyzes workers compensation and other injury data. These studies can reveal injury-prone tasks, allowing us to research ways to make these jobs safer and more efficient.

For more information on our manufacturing engineering services, contact our team.