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Corrosion & Obsolescence


MERC’s staff provides engineering support to combating corrosion on the HH-60G, TH-1H, and UH-1N helicopters. MERC has developed the Corrosion Prevention and Control Program plan for these aircraft and provides a variety of engineering support functions in support of the plan.

This has included developing recommendations for solutions to recurring corrosion problems, creating prototype parts, providing analysis of maintenance data to isolate problem areas, and creating metrics for corrosion issue.


MERC’s engineers are well equipped to support our customer’s needs when it comes to redesigning obsolete components which can no longer be procured.

As an example, we recently redesigned the jack used on the B-52 to fold down its vertical tail fin. This jack was initially designed in the 1950’s and the Air Force’s supply of replacement parts is running low, with no opportunity for resupply. MERC’s engineers developed a replacement solution, using available COTS hardware that is readily procurable and will be supportable for the life of the aircraft.

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