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Technical Communication

MERC’s technical communicators serve as a liaison between our engineering experts and their audience. We interpret the complexities of test results or product descriptions to create easy-to-understand, specialized information for customers and users. Some technical communication services include:

  • Instructional design
  • Layout and graphic design
  • Photo and video documentation
  • Program evaluation
  • Project research
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Usability testing and analysis

Instructional Design

Our technical communication team designs and delivers efficient, effective, and engaging training catered to target learners. Our approach is driven by systematic analysis of prospective learners, their performance context, and the gap between their current and desired states of performance. The findings of our analysis informs the development of our instructional strategies and material. Properly-designed instruction improves learning outcomes and reduces time spent in training.

Layout and Graphic Design

We help our clients effectively communicate highly technical concepts by creating easy-to-understand visual aids that can be used at career fairs, trade shows, and for other sales or promotional purposes.

Photo and Video Documentation

Using photography and videography, we document past projects for future business development. We have an in-house video and photography studio and are experienced in capturing compelling content in sensitive locations and industrial environments.

Program Evaluation

Our technical communication team can systematically evaluate projects and programs during and after development. Fundamentally, our evaluations help stakeholders make decisions regarding the merit, worth, or value of a program. Through evaluation, we’re able to collect data about a program or system and turn it into actionable information. This information is then used to increase a program’s effectiveness and boost efficiency at the organizational level.

Organizational Research

MERC’s technical communication team combines the techniques of academic research and applied organizational study to collect, analyze, and present both qualitative and quantitative data.  We gather data from a number of sources: literature review, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observation.

Technical Writing and Editing

Our team analyzes complex proposal requirements and consults with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to generate effective and understandable content. We are experienced creating proposals, whitepapers, user manuals, and reports. We also offer comprehensive review and copy editing services.

Usability Testing and Analysis

Through studying how real users interact with a system, we can determine sources of user frustration, identify critical bugs, and highlight confusing interfaces. Our analysis of testing data guide us to recommend changes for improvement.

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