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Expert Analysis, Planning, Assessments and Solutions

MERC’s Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) team conducts extensive analyses to validate and refine preventative maintenance tasks and inspections on various weapon systems.

The RCM team performs analyses using Failure Mode Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA), detailed maintenance repair data analysis, user/maintainer input, and cost data to tailor component and system failure management strategies to best meet safety and mission requirements. The goal is to optimize the entire maintenance process through total asset visibility and access to logistics data that allows for timely parts, equipment, and personnel planning based on predictive maintenance.

Applicable to both aerospace and non-aerospace industries, MERC RCM analyses are performed by certified RCM analysts working in a collaborative, technology-centered lab which features a server-based data network providing all analysts access to the most up-to-date maintenance data, technical orders, and user manuals.

Our lab is designed to facilitate team analyses, user/customer interchange meetings, and greatly enhances customer understanding of RCM recommended maintenance strategies.

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