Multi-system Enterprise Reliability Centered Maintenance System (MERCMS)

MERC’s Multi-system Enterprise Reliability Centered Maintenance System (MERCMS) is a data collection and analysis toolset, for use in performing Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) analyses.

Fully compliant with the RCM guidelines provided by NAVAIR 00-25-403, the system provides a collaborative working environment for a team of analysts performing RCM research.

The primary RCM analysis application supports organization of data by end items, major systems, subsystems, individual components, and component parts.

For each unit, the system supports the entry of failure modes, severity analyses, repair cost, schedule analysis, and other components of RCM analysis.

The tool handles all calculations internally and allows for ‘what-if’ scenario evaluation and overall maintenance schedule optimization.

The application also provides a document library with key word search for research data, technical publications, and other reference materials used during RCM analysis.

Analysis reports and charts are easily generated from the tool, and role-based user permissions allow varying degrees of visibility into the analysis process based on needs.

The tool is completely system-agnostic and can be used for RCM analysis of any type of end item or product.

Tableau Data Visualization Tools to Enhance Reliability Analysis

MERC performs reliability analyses and reporting for USAF aircraft, using large amounts of data obtained from a broad suite of Air Force and DOD information systems.

One of the ways MERC is enabling its customers to quickly visualize, analyze and share this information is through dynamic dashboards developed with Tableau.

Decision-makers must easily see and quickly understand data to answer probing questions during analysis.

Pleased with the improved process and greater ability for all aspects of data utilization--from collection to integration to storage to analytics and distribution-- MERC customers are continually asking for additional studies in Tableau format.

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Tableau Data Visualization
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