C-130 Temporary Floorboards

MERC, working with Robins AFB 402nd Maintenance Wing personnel, developed temporary floorboards to be used to tow and jack a C-130 aircraft without the aircraft floorboards installed.

Some of the aircraft floorboards were required to be installed in order to tow and jack the aircraft thus resulting in an approximate 2 week delay in beginning maintenance on the floorboards.  When this delay occurred, a delay in reinstalling the aircraft floorboards would ensue.

MERC developed these temporary floorboards to eliminate this delay and the temporary floorboards would remain installed until the aircraft floorboards were ready for reinstallation.  The temporary floorboards also provided a working surface for personnel to perform maintenance on the aircraft during Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM).

MERC conducted a towing and jacking test using strain gauges and accelerometers to prove no structural complications would result in towing and jacking a C-130 aircraft without aircraft floorboards installed.

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