MERC developed the Aging Fleet Integrity and Reliability Management Multiplatform (AFIRM-M) database for fleet configuration management, stress analysis and reporting, community interaction support, system safety management, airworthiness certification workflow automation, and numerous other capabilities. 

This configuration management tool allows users to manage the configuration of any weapon system in a web-based 3D environment.

The user can select an aircraft tail number and the system will display the visual elements that reflect that aircraft’s unique configuration.

The user is able to fully manipulate the model, create a dynamic cutaway to view interior spaces, and zoom in and out and reserve portions of the airframe for future modification planning. 

These space reservations are visible to other users to prevent multiple modifications being planned for the same space.

In the screenshots to the right, a user has reserved space for a row of troop transport seats (purple) in the back of their selected HH-60G.