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MERC’s wide-reaching data visualization capabilities can be applied to numerous industries and software systems. Our highly skilled team has strong technical experience in creating custom data visualization tools for diverse clients. We welcome challenges and exciting projects! Can we partner with you today?

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Our data visualization service allows us to gather data from different programs that wouldn’t organically communicate. When we put these products together using superb technology, we are able to discern where potential mishaps could occur and where the product will thrive!

Before creating a product that requires a significant financial commitment, this visualization tool will allow you to save on cost while perfecting the product. Customizing products to better suit your company is our specialty. Several industries that benefit from this service include:

  • Defense and National Security
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Local Business/Non-Profit
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Transportation

What Makes MERC Stand Out with Data Visualization Tools

MERC has trained developers in commercial, big data tools. For many of these data sciences, we use existing products to cater to specific needs and viewability. We don’t stop after one try – we complete multiple techniques to find optimal solutions. We are platform and code agnostic; we work with whatever proves to be the best option. Because of our flexibility, we can provide the best solutions for our customer’s needs!

The MERC team is filled with very knowledgeable personnel who are well-versed in math and programming to transfer from one product base to another. When we complete our data visualization request, we will deliver our solution in a format that works best for the customer. Are you ready to get started? We would love to work with you to help meet your goals and better the health of the community!

Contact us today with your questions.