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Energy accounts for one of the biggest spending expenses for a business in any industry. Understandably, how well a business manages its energy usage has a direct impact on its overall financial profit. MERC is proud to offer an energy management service, enabling our clients to use energy more efficiently.

Call us with your questions about energy management: 478-953-6800.

Discover the various ways an energy audit can save your business money:

An Energy Audit Decreases Energy Waste

When an energy audit is conducted, you will see how much energy is being used on each appliance. Based on the energy audit findings, we can suggest ways to reduce excess energy use and increase financial savings. From there, you can manage your energy more efficiently in order to decrease energy waste.

An Energy Audit Identifies Other Money-Saving Opportunities

An excess of energy is often found in HVAC systems and office appliances. But there are other industrial equipment pieces that can significantly affect energy usage. For example, by installing low-flow plumbing fixtures, LED lights, and high-efficiency windows, your business will experience a wealth of energy savings.

An Energy Audit Protects Your Employees

Energy can seep through the smallest crack or hole. During an energy audit, you may discover serious issues such as improperly vented equipment or leaks. By addressing the issue immediately, you are protecting your employees’ health and avoiding energy waste, sick days, and legal issues.

MERC’s engineers are passionate about energy management and the future of energy. Our energy engineering team consists of Certified Energy Managers (CEM) who are trained to identify energy saving opportunities. We will gladly offer recommendations for hardware and software components that will increase your financial savings. If you have questions about how we can assist you with energy management, call us at 478-953-6800.