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A serious issue in many industries is the failure of critical mechanical assets. Unexpected downtime turns into a loss of income and productivity. With every passing minute, a company is losing valuable profit when a machine breaks down. Fortunately, a new type of maintenance – predictive maintenance – has surfaced. Predictive maintenance addresses when and why a machine will experience a breakdown, allowing professionals to work to prevent it.

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Discover how the benefits of predictive maintenance can boost your equipment’s efficiency:

Predictive Maintenance Spots Potential Problems

Oftentimes, machines communicate to us that something is wrong through signs and signals, such as increased noise or vibration. If we’re not looking for their signs, it forces the machine to have a complete breakdown to get our attention. Predictive maintenance boosts your equipment’s efficiency by addressing a potential issue before it transforms into a critical problem.

Predictive Maintenance Increases Your Equipment’s Longevity

Every time a machine experiences a glitch, its longevity is affected. Even when it is repaired, it still has a breakdown in its history. When predictive maintenance is used correctly, it can increase your equipment’s longevity by preventing costly breakdowns.

Predictive Maintenance Maximizes Your Equipment’s Performance

There are millions of individual parts that contribute to your equipment’s production process. When one of those parts are functioning inadequately, it can affect your entire machine. Predictive maintenance can maximize your equipment’s performance by addressing even the smallest parts of your machine. It will enable your machine to continue performing fluidly and productively.

There are other benefits of predictive maintenance such as increased safety and revenue, decreased labor costs and production time, and reduced equipment cost. The MERC engineers would be happy to improve your equipment’s reliability, efficiency, and longevity. Don’t hesitate to contact our team: (478) 953-6800.