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We are pleased to offer our clients rapid prototyping for product development, a service that allows us to quickly fabricate a component that you need by using a 3D printer. MERC’s 3D printing capability provides a number of benefits to customers developing new products.

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Rapid prototyping allows clients to test fit parts, save on cost and time, and quickly incorporate changes to the design. Discover the benefits of using our rapid prototyping service:

Allows Clients to Test Fit Part

Gone are the days where you had to wait an excessive amount of time to see if the part you chose was right for your product. Using our 3D printer, we can quickly create whatever part you need – whether that is a gear, lever, or other equipment piece! By testing out the prototype beforehand, you can enjoy peace of mind that its exactly what you need when you choose to order it.

Saves Money & Time

Before 3D printers were created, companies had to fabricate their products using large quantities of raw materials and machine tooling. But by using a 3D printer, companies can save on both money and time! Our 3D printer fabricates a part using ABS plastic, a much less expensive material than metal. Additionally, you can see the fabricated piece much faster because it takes much less time to make a 3D printed module.

Offers Quick Changes if Necessary

An overlooked yet extremely important benefit to using rapid prototyping for product development is its ability to make quick changes if necessary. If the plastic, fabricated piece doesn’t fit exactly as it should, we can discuss ways to alter it. Once we’ve come up with a solution, we can test it out! This way, you can validate your design before ordering the product.

Do you have questions about our rapid prototyping service? Don’t hesitate to contact the MERC team today.