Software, Cybersecurity, and Electronic Systems Engineering

What are MERC’s Electronic Warfare and Electronics Engineering Capabilities?


MERC has Electronic Warfare (EW ) professionals that provide critical software support to both Air Force and Navy weapon systems. MERC’s software experience spans the entire spectrum of EW to include Radio Frequency (RF), Electro Optical (EO), and Infrared (IR).

MERC is a recognized industry expert in advanced RF pulse train deinterleaving and real-time geolocation. MERC electronics engineers and technicians use proven engineering practices to develop solutions rapidly.

MERC re-engineers complex electronic and avionics systems to sustain aging aircraft and provides specialized automated test equipment for old and new systems alike.

EW/Electronics Engineering Programs

  • ALR-46/69 Radar Warning Receiver
  • AAR-44 Missile Warning Receiver
  • ALE-47 Threat Countermeasures System
  • F-15 Tactical Electronic Warfare System (TEWS)
  • ALQ-161 Integrated Electronic Warfare System
  • Energy Measurement and Management Framework
  • Personal Area Network RF Interface Research
  • ALQ-161 Chassis Tester
  • ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser System (CMDS)
  • ALE-47 Mission Data Verification System (MDVS)
  • Integrated Support Station (ISS) Redesign
  • HH-60 Electronic Fuel Quantity Indicator (EFQI)
  • C-5 Fuel Quantity Totalizer (FQT ) and Fuel Quantity Indicator (FQI)
  • C-5 Hub Force Sensor (HFS)
  • ALM-223 Test Point Generator CCA
  • BRU-57 Power Relay Assembly (PRA)
  • TER-9 Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  • APR-39 Software Support Station

EW/Electronics Engineering Capabilities

  • RF/IF/EO Spectrum Software Expertise
  • Electronics Hardware and Test Expertise
  • DMSMS Issue Resolution
  • Modification of Electronics Maintenance Architecture
  • Extensive RF Research
  • Energy Measurement, Management, and Resiliency

What are MERC’s Software Development Capabilities?

Custom software tools and systems help customers solve everyday problems. MERC has established close relationships with its customers to focus on their specific needs rather than the general needs of larger commercial markets. 

MERC is able to leverage a broad experience base when forming its systems engineering and software development teams. Experts from other engineering disciplines participate on the development team to provide problem domain expertise when applicable.

Many solutions incorporate 3-D graphical applications, data mining, data visualization, or legacy system integration methods. Solutions are developed using Agile development methodologies and SEI certified CMMI Level 3 software engineering processes.

Software Engineering Programs

  • C-130 Automated Inspection, Repair, Corrosion, and Aircraft Tracking (AIRCAT )
  • FMS C-130 Automated Inspection, Repair, Corrosion, and Aircraft Tracking (AIRCAT International)
  • Multi-Platform Aging Fleet Integrity and Reliability Management (AFIRM-M)
  • Multi-Platform Enterprise Reliability Centered Maintenance System (MERCMS)
  • Scheduled Maintenance Requirements (SMR) Management System
  • Configuration Tool
  • Stress Tool
  • Inspection, Corrosion, and Repair Reporting (ICARR-3D)
  • Airworthiness Management System
  • System Safety Management System
  • UH-1N MSG-3 Analysis Toolset

How are We Different?

Modern Facility and Laboratories:  The MERC facility houses various labs including Electronic Warfare,  Electronics Hardware, Information Technology, and a Data Planetarium.  It includes a closed area approved for SECRET and easily upgraded for TOP SECRET work.

Broad Technical Resources:  The MERC team is comprised of a wide array of scientific, engineering, and logistics R&D staff.

Proximity:  MERC is located approximately five miles from Robins AFB and within driving distance to other locations including Marine Corps (Albany, GA), AMCOM (Huntsville, AL), Fleet Support Center (Jacksonville, FL), Eglin AFB, and Hurlburt Field.

MERC’s Cyber Experience

Our staff’s professional qualifications, combined with over two decades experience in providing information security services, demonstrate our ability to provide world-class security services to our customers.

Many of our personnel carry advanced degrees in computer science and engineering along with industry standard security certifications such as CompTIA Security+ CE, CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and Global Information Assurance Certification – Security Essentials (GIAC-GSFC). 

MERC also has extensive experience with Government Information Assurance/Cyber security processes to obtain and maintain authority for systems to operate on Government networks. We follow relevant guidelines such as NIST’s Risk Management Framework (RMF) (SP 800-37), NIST’s guidance for information security continuous monitoring (SP-800-137), the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and others.

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