Electronic Systems Division – Reverse Engineering for Obsolescence


The Electronic Systems Division maintains a staff of engineers experienced in the resolution of Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) issues for aging systems.  For situations in which manufacturers or suppliers of items or raw materials are lost, engineering services are required to support, update, or replace those items.

Manufacturing or supply capabilities may be lost due to poor business management, outdated business models, acquisition, or obsolescence of the technologies being manufactured.  Regardless of the cause of the loss, engineering services are required to resolve these kinds of problems.

Whereas our primary customer base for this kind of work is the Department of Defense (DoD), due to the fact that military equipment lifetimes have been extended well beyond their designed lifetimes, we have also performed this type of work for commercial industries as well.

Industrial plants frequently require obsolescence resolution for manufacturing or test equipment which has been kept in service for decades past their designed lifetime.

For example, MERC engineers recently provided an updated model for special test equipment (STE) used by TECT Aerospace for testing flight controls for the Boeing 777 aircraft.  The original test equipment, also designed and built by MERC, has been in service for over 25 years.

Our engineers can perform engineering expertise to:

  • Re-engineer systems with little or no documentation
    • Perform black-box analysis
    • Develop performance specifications for black-box systems
    • Capture original schematic diagrams
  • Identify replacement components for obsolete components
  • Provide functionally equivalent equipment for
    • Systems
    • Subsystems
    • Non-standard Components
  • Provide systems which are form, fit, function and interface (F3I) replacements for the original systems
  • Identify replacement manufacturing sources
  • Generate complete technical data packages
  • Insert technology into existing systems to realize cost savings over total replacement when beneficial
  • Develop, Integrate, Test and Qualify Prototypes
  • Perform Low Rate Production for low quantity needs

MERC Electronic Systems Division is a CMMI Level III engineering organization and provides complete data ownership to our customers.  We retain no data rights and provide our customers with all data required to competitively procure our designs.  We can all support our customers by providing low quantity supplies of our designs to meet immediate and urgent demands.