RCM/Equipment Reliability

MERC defines RCM/Equipment reliability as “doing the right maintenance at the right time.”  RCM reduces overall maintenance costs and improves “war fighter” availability to the mission.  MERC has over 29 years of serving Aerospace customers using RCM, Condition Based Maintenance, and Reliability Optimization.   MERC Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) process efficiently identifies bad actors, evaluates problem components, and provides recommendations for increased equipment reliability. MERC’s RCM processes identify the failure modes, failure mode criticality, severity, and probability of occurrence, the current failure mode detection level, and recommend the ideal recurrence of inspection.  

Each RCM analysis is based on data extracted from maintenance data systems containing scheduling, planning work orders and safety data.  In addition to this data, interviews are conducted with SMEs including engineers, equipment specialists, operators and maintainers. Among the data used for analysis, MERC uses various industry benchmark parameters, such as total Maintenance Man hours (MMH) and Equipment Availability and component specific key performance indicators to prioritize systems and then components for a product improvement Analysis.

Our team uses the completed analyses to determine which specific components are the high drivers impacting reliability and availability for the system.  Key tasks include analysis of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance records, isolation of “high driver” components and materials, root cause analysis (RCA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), calculating the business case statistics like return on investment (ROI) and years to payback (YTP), and aircraft availability improvement in terms of number of aircraft per dollar invested.

MERC’s RCM experience includes (20) RCM Level 1 Equivalent Analysists, (2) Equivalent Level 2 analysists, (1) Equivalent Level RCM Instructor/Analysist and over 100 combined year of experience applying RCM and related Failure mode identification techniques. The RCM team has designed and implemented Reliability Engineering database software applications from development of system requirements through end-user support, and instructed classes related to the implementation of advanced maintenance strategies at industrial facilities.  MERC has NDI level III certified personnel in all five (5) NDI techniques who are available for inspections for both testing at MERC or for any on-site NDI needs.

Our lead NDI Level III certified person has many years’ experience performing and developing NDI inspections for various aircraft and motorsports applications.

One of the ways MERC is enabling its customers to quickly visualize, analyze and share this information is through dynamic dashboards developed with Tableau.

Pleased with the improved process and greater ability for all aspects of data utilization--from collection to integration to storage to analytics and distribution-- MERC customers are continually asking for additional studies in Tableau format.

For more information email us at info@merc-mercer.org.