Rapid Prototyping

MERC utilizes three-dimensional printing for providing low-cost, rapid validation of design concepts. The use of a rapid prototyping machine allows customers to visualize, inspect, and in some cases, test-fit an ABS plastic version of components without the costly investment of large quantities of raw materials or machine tooling.

40mm BOFORS Cannon Breech Plate 40mm BOFORS Cannon Breech Plate Rapid Prototyping Rapid Prototyping

Scaled models for larger components and assemblies provide proof-of-concept while full-size prototypes allow for form, fit, and sometimes functional checks. These capabilities also serve as an inexpensive method for validating reverse engineering efforts.

  • MERC has provided scaled models of machinery to allow operators the ability to define building layouts and installation plans.
  • Engineers have utilized models provided by MERC to verify component dimensions and interfaces for a fraction of the cost of a fully featured production unit.
  • Complex models with moving parts and interlocking connections have allowed users to convey complex geometric component interactions and geometric constraints that cannot be translated through a presentation slide.
  • MERC has utilized rapid prototype components to verify data established during reverse engineering methods.
  • Components created using the three-dimensional printer at MERC can be used in applications where ABS plastic is a suitable material. MERC has utilized the rapid prototype machine to quickly provide customers fully-functional, inexpensive modules.

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