MERC Attends Air Force Corrosion Conference

DAYTON, OHIO (June 6) MERC attended the 2017 Air Force Corrosion Conference on June 6-7 in Dayton, Ohio.  This conference focused on topics related to corrosion on USAF aircraft, weapon systems, and support equipment.

Topics presented during the general session included the impact of corrosion on airworthiness and the ASIP, MECSIP, PSIP, and AVIP programs.  MERC participated in the Technology, Strategies, Guidance, and Best Practices breakout sessions.


About Mercer Engineering Research Center

Mercer Engineering Research Center (MERC) is the research and applied engineering arm of Mercer University, a private university founded in 1833. For over 175 years the University has served Georgia as a highly-respected educational institution. In 1984, the School of Engineering was established at the Macon, Georgia campus, with the charter class beginning studies in 1985.

Two years later, in 1987, the Mercer Engineering Research Center was established under the School of Engineering to provide locally available engineering and scientific services and critical specialized technical skills. Today, MERC functions as a non-profit operating unit of the University, with the Executive Director, Dr. David Barwick, reporting directly to the University president, Mr. William D. Underwood.

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