International Association of Computer Information Systems (IACIS) Conference

WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA (October 3, 2014) – Mr. Michael Grayson, a Software Engineer in MERC’s Electronic Warfare Division, co-authored a paper which he presented at the International Association for Computer Information Systems Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  Michael’s paper was titled “Automated Platform for Aggregation and Topical Sentiment Analysis of News Articles, Blogs, and Other Online Publications” and was co-authored with Dr. Myungjae Kwak of Middle Georgia State College and Dr. Anthony Choi of Mercer University.  Michael also chaired the “Publications” Session of the conference in which the paper was presented.  An abstract of the paper follows.


Identifying the prevailing sentiment at a certain point in time regarding a certain product, company, or topic can be a powerful asset in many contexts. It can offer an edge in financial analysis, for example, or identify how well a particular product is being received by a given demographic. For these reasons, much research is currently devoted to the topic of using computer analysis to identify sentiment in various media outlets through the Internet. The current paper describes an automated platform for such analysis, specifically targeted at analyzing news websites, blogs, and other online publications. The platform consists of several components which work together in an automated, high-level way to allow the user to obtain and analyze sentiment scores on a given topic within a certain date range. The researcher can employ the described toolset to download large volumes of research data from a wide variety of Internet sources quickly and easily without requiring a subscription to a news aggregation service.

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