Mechanical Engineering

MERC provides timely, thorough, and professional solutions to technical challenges for a variety of government and industry clients.  Our staff has extensive experience in the design of aircraft and vehicle systems, machine component design, aircraft maintenance equipment development, test system development, and ground vehicle testing and analysis.

F-15 Speed Brake Test Ammunition Loader Design

MERC personnel are experienced in three-dimensional modeling on several CAD software platforms and reverse engineering through the use of coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

With an in-house 3-D printer, 3-Axis CNC Milling Center, machining and fabrication resources, and materials test equipment, MERC can build, test, and/or qualify prototypes to a variety of customer specifications.

MERC has performed test data acquisition (DAQ) and processing through the use of data recorders, strain gages, accelerometers, displacement transducers and thermocouples.

Our mechanical design expertise is demonstrated through the successful completion of projects such as a gear head driver to load 20-mm ammunition into the F-15, F-16, and F-22; a complete F-15 speed brake test fixture; an MH- 53 flight engineer seat; F-15 aft fuselage wrap around work stands; F-15 vertical stabilizer tools; C-5 floor panels; a robotic manufacturing and repair system; and an automated aircraft rework system that was a major repair technology improvement for the extraction of F-15 wing fasteners.

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MERC engineers reviewed C-130 inspection processes to identify areas for improvement.

Multi-system Enterprise Reliability Centered Maintenance System (MERCMS)

MERC’s Multi-system Enterprise Reliability Centered Maintenance System (MERCMS) is a data collection and analysis toolset for use in performing Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) analyses

F-15 Speed Brake Test
One of MERC’s recent Mechanical Design Projects was a proof test for the F-15 Speed Brake.