E-8 Preventative Maintenance Optimization

MERC’s preventative maintenance optimization for the JSTARS fleet included investigation of the technical requirements and scope of resources required in the current HSC, ISO, and Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM) packages with the intent of decreasing the number of airframes unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.

The initial optimization defined, validated, refined, and repackaged the existing PM tasks such that maintenance task planning was optimized to eliminate overlap between field and depot level PM tasks, and ensure all appropriate maintenance was accomplished each time the aircraft is opened for inspection while maintaining the physical and functional integrity of the structure and functional elements of aircraft systems.

The focus was to optimize the E-8 JSTARS PM program such that the OSS&E of the weapon system is maintained while increasing aircraft availability and reducing total operating cost. MERC used reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) methodology to evaluate the possibility, effects, and risks of extending intervals between current E-8 programmed aircraft maintenance.

Through disciplined and complete RCM procedures, MERC provided the engineering justification to adjust the interval between PDM inspections.

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