Energy Management

Energy Management Practices

energy-management1MERC offers a comprehensive Energy Practice with experienced staff and capabilities.  Currently, MERC provides valuable engineering support to the Air Force Sustainment Command (AFSC) for energy measurement of the critical facility and industrial process energy workloads. MERC provides energy solutions in compliance with ISO 50001 and customer specific requirements.

Experience that Matters

The MERC Energy Team currently provides energy system design, installation, commissioning, and operations.

energy-management2Tasks include metering and energy monitoring, cybersecurity evaluation and compliance, and control systems (EMCS), industrial control and SCADA systems, and meter data management systems (MDMS) development.

Our staff has direct industry experience in the integration, installation and operation of direct digital controls for building and HVAC systems, wireless metering, and in the design and installation of complex environmental control systems.

This also includes subject matter expertise in facility and process design, industrial processes, management of process energy and data collection related to the monitoring and metering of various industrial systems.

Capabilities & Performance

HVAC Geothermal Utility Plant

HVAC Geothermal Utility Plant

MERC has been instrumental in establishing the Robins AFB Architectural Energy Plan and advanced meter reading systems for Robins, Hill, and Tinker AFB facilities.

MERC conducts targeted mathematical modeling and analyses using dedicated servers and advanced

software applications, establishes performance baselines, and recommends improvements to maximize maintenance mission and facility energy performance results.

In addition, MERC uses industry leading energy and heat transfer modeling tools for energy design, alternatives, and root cause analyses.

Partners for Energy Savings Success

The MERC Energy Team has extensive experience and the necessary third party independence to support your organization’s energy resiliency goals.

Energy savings and performance contracts require the execution of a deliberate independent measurement and verification (M&V) plan to predict the energy performance and validate the return on investment. These independent evaluations help ensure robust and successful systems are maintainable once turned over to the government.


Furthermore, the May 2016 AFSCI 61-101 Technology Development and Insertion Process as applied to energy technologies, requires a high level of maturity before construction & installation is approved.

MERC’s experience in institutionalizing best practice modeling and analysis, construction and prototyping, pilot testing, and M&V rigor supports the effective transition of energy system technology to your organization for energy resiliency in step with mission success.

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