Energy Management

MERC offers engineering services related to the use of Energy, or more succinctly, Energy Management.  This service is built around the decade’s long experience of a core set of MERC team members with experience in HVAC, building control systems, energy metering, secure wireless metering communication systems, and Energy Data Information Systems.

Process Area Submetering

Combining expertise in both the mechanical and electrical domains of the energy field allows MERC to offer a unique and comprehensive set of services to support the management of an organization’s energy supply and use.  MERC’s technical reach includes the study of alternative and renewable energy sources and providing guidance to support creation of broad energy strategies for both government and commercial organizations.

As with other engineering services, MERC favors a systems focused, standards based approach to energy management.  ISO 50001, the internationally recognized Energy Management System (EnMS) standard, is often prescribed to support organizations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently through the development of an EnMS.

By virtue of being a non-profit, university affiliated institution, MERC is able to assist clients in an unbiased manner, offering recommendations for hardware and software components to support energy management that truly meets the client’s needs.

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Related Energy Management Projects

Energy Data Management

MERC engineers are experienced in developing and fielding meter data collection and management information systems that allow the meter data to be made actionable within an organization.

Process Area Submetering

MERC engineers have advanced beyond the realm of facility metering and have moved into process area submetering.

ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard

Related to work with ISO 50001, MERC is well accomplished in the design, integration, and deployment of advanced systems to meter the sources and uses of an organization’s energy.