C-5 Go-Around Attitude Subsystem Computer (GAAS)

The GAAS project consists of parts analysis, sourcing, component redesign and the general re-engineering needed to improve the reliability of the C-5 Go-Around Attitude Subsystem computer.

The two main functions of the GAAS computer are computing angle of attack information for flight control decisions and producing a stall warning with pitch commands to the pilots during a go-around.

With the design of the original GAAS passing the 40 year mark, MERC was tasked to analyze all components of the system and determine replacement strategies for those parts that were obsolete.

When suitable substitutes for components were not procurable, MERC re-engineered the sub-circuits with modern technology then qualified the changes.

To prove the validity of the parts analysis and the technical data package, MERC built two new GAAS computers from the chassis up and passed all acceptance tests.

Presently, MERC is updating the Benchtop Reconfigurable Automatic Tester (BRAT) software to test the new GAAS circuit cards so that the repair facility can use the BRAT instead of an outdated tester that is also difficult to maintain.

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