Electronics Engineering

MERC electronics engineers and technicians have many years of experience in the design, development, prototyping, and fielding of complex commercial and military electrical, electronic and avionics systems and subsystems. Using proven SEI certified CMMI maturity level 3 engineering practices, our engineers produce the solutions you require and deliver all supporting documentation upon project completion.

C-5 Hub Force Sensor (HFS) C-17/C-5 Radome Test Station C-5 Fuel Quantity Totalizer (FQT)

The primary focus of our work is re-engineering complex electronic and avionics systems to sustain the continued fully functional use of aging aircraft plus supporting or providing the specialized automated test equipment for old and new systems alike.

MERC engineers have system-level experience with a number of key systems, like the ALE-47, ALQ-161, ALQ-131, ALR-69, and ALR-69A. This experience enables MERC to develop specialized automated test equipment which allows our customers to sustain these critical systems. In addition, MERC engineers can support the development of Test Program Sets (TPS) for modern, common testers like VDATS.

The re-engineering of aging electrical, electronic and avionics components, subsystems and systems is an important part of maintaining an aging fleet of aircraft, vehicles, and support equipment. As a non-profit organization, MERC does not do manufacturing work; neither do we retain data rights over the items we design or re-engineer. We gladly provide all data to the customer so that our engineered devices may be procured at the most competitive prices.

For more information email us at info@merc-mercer.org.

Related Electronics Engineering Projects

Fire Control Computer Electronics Thermal Modeling

MERC was tasked to perform structural and thermal analysis on three Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs) designed as replacements for cards currently operating in an airborne targeting computer.

Targeting Pod Circuit Card Shock Loading Evaluation

This task required MERC to investigate possible causes for solder joint failures on circuit card assemblies contained in an airborne targeting electronics pod.

C-5 Go-Around Attitude Subsystem Computer (GAAS)

MERC provided the component redesign and re-engineering needed to improve the reliability of the C-5 Go-Around Attitude Subsystem computer.

C-5 Fuel Quantity Totalizer (FQT)

MERC is providing engineering and obsolescence research, analysis, redesign, prototyping, and qualification of the C-5 Fuel Quantity Totalizer (FQT).

C-5 Hub Force Sensor (HFS)

MERC has accepted the task of redesigning the C-5 Hub Force Sensor (HFS), which is part of the C-5 Automatic Flight Control System.

C-17/C-5 Radome Test Station

MERC engineers designed and installed the WR-ALC C-17 / C-5 Radome Test Station (RTS) which tests the C-17 and C-5 nose and tail radomes for anomalies.

C-130 Avionics/Electronics Integrity Program (AVIP)

MERC provided support services to implement the C-130 Avionics/Electronics Integrity Program (AVIP) Master Plan.

Avionics Bus Controller

MERC developed a Central Computer Simulator for the F-15 in support of the Electronic Warfare Group at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center.