Inspection, Corrosion and Repair Reporting 3D (ICARR-3D)

MERC’s Inspection, Corrosion and Repair Reporting 3D (ICARR-3D) system is a point of maintenance tool for the collection of detailed data on all findings discovered during field and depot maintenance.

The C-130 is the initial USAF platform to utilize ICARR-3D. MERC’s ICARR-3D is a proven toolset that collects engineering-quality inspection, repair, and replacement data at the point of maintenance.

Personnel using ICARR-3D on a tablet computer enter findings while still at the aircraft. ICARR-3D provides an interactive 3D model of the aircraft with the capability to “explode” the airframe to accurately select any part and its associated part number (PN) and work unit code (WUC). The maintainer easily indicates the location and extent of corrosion or cracking on the graphics.

Photographs can be attached to the maintenance record. The user can add notes on the photographs and 3D models. ICARR-3D automatically populates data often overlooked, such as accurate WUCs, PNs, and damage location. All are necessary for accurate maintenance cost calculations and assessment of the effectiveness of structural modifications and repairs.