Custom Software Development

MERC provides custom software tools and systems that focus on solving the problems our customers face on a daily basis. Establishing close working relationships with our customers allows us to focus our solutions on their specific needs rather than on the more general needs of the larger commercial market. This increases functional efficiencies over mass market software packages.

ICARR-3D Airframe Model Individual Aircraft Tracking Programs (AIRCAT)

Our customers buy exactly what they need. We employ flexible and responsive development methodologies and right-sized development teams to reduce the overall development time, so we can deploy working solutions rapidly and efficiently.

When forming our systems engineering and software development teams, MERC is able to leverage a very broad experience base. Computer systems capabilities extend beyond software development to hardware requirements analysis and system design, networking, and system and database administration.

We also include experienced engineers from the other engineering disciplines as part of the development team to provide problem domain expertise when applicable.

Specific software development capabilities include .NET application development, Java development, Oracle application development, database development, hardware control interfaces, networking, and system administration.

Many of our solutions incorporate 3-D graphical applications, data mining, data visualization, or legacy system integration methods. These solutions are developed using Agile development methodologies and SEI certified CMMI Level 3 software engineering processes.

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Related Software Projects

Inspection, Corrosion and Repair Reporting 3D (ICARR-3D)

MERC’s Inspection, Corrosion and Repair Reporting 3D (ICARR-3D) system is a point of maintenance tool for the collection of detailed data on all findings discovered during field and depot maintenance.

Automated Workflow

MERC has developed a custom, web-based workflow tracking system to automate the C-130 TO-00-25-107 technical/maintenance assistance request process.

Assembly Code Integrated Development

MERC has developed an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for use in maintaining and modifying assembly-level source code for several Electronic Warfare systems.

3-D Maintenance Viewer

MERC is developing a 3D graphics viewer that allows the user to mark up the model in real time for data collection purposes.

Individual Aircraft Tracking Programs

MERC provides application development and support services for the C-130 System Program Office’s Automated Inspection, Repair, Corrosion, and Aircraft Tracking (AIRCAT) system.

AFIRM-M Config Tool

MERC developed the Aging Fleet Integrity and Reliability Management Multiplatform (AFIRM-M) database for fleet configuration management, stress analysis and reporting, community interaction support, system safety management, airworthiness certification workflow automation, and numerous other capabilities. This configuration management tool allows users to manage the configuration of any weapon system in a web-based 3D environment.The user can select