Meet Our People

If you are interested in a career at MERC, see what a few of our employees have to say about working here...



“The best thing about working at MERC is the opportunity to participate in varied projects with highly skilled colleagues. My fellow MERC employees represent the highest levels of professionalism and engineering talent, and our friendships do not end when we leave at the end of the work day. Our leadership have been successful in earning contracts which provide challenging, fulfilling work in our career fields and in providing avenues for each of us to expand our skill sets.”



"My favorite aspect of working for MERC are all the associated perks that come with working for a university, from the retirement benefits and housing down payment assistance to the facilities access and sporting events. Plus, my co-workers are pretty cool."



"The best thing about working at MERC is the sense of community. The collaborative environment here creates a great working experience and a great learning experience."



"The best thing about working at MERC is the opportunity to work with smart, caring people. We work hard to provide innovative, effective solutions for our customers. And we build lasting friendships that make our workplace an enjoyable environment to be in every day."