The Physician Directed Functional Job Analysis program is an ongoing, competitively awarded contract with Robins Air Force Base. Many workers at RAFB have physical restrictions which prevent them from participating in productive work without accommodations of some type.

The goal of this program is to provide these workers with ergonomic and medical evaluations and recommendations to return them to productive work.

The program is a part of a new return to work process at Robins in which MERC fills the role of the Physician Directed Evaluation Team (PDET).

MERC’s staff of ergonomists and rehabilitation engineers work with an orthopedic surgeon to evaluate personnel to determine the appropriate characteristics of a safe and productive job, then analyze jobs on base to determine the best fit.

The outcome of an assessment is a recommendation for placement in a particular job, or jobs, with or without accommodations.

The program capitalizes on MERC’s strengths in the fields of ergonomics and rehabilitation engineering, as well as our familiarity with managing and overseeing government contracted programs.

MERC is committed to identifying and recommending methods of reducing worksite injuries and thus reducing the government’s overall cost associated with these injuries.

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